Travel Plan

At Water Hall we have worked hard to achieve our Bronze Modeshift Stars Travel Award and we are now working towards our Silver.

We encourage active travel to school for all of our families.  Most of our families walk, scoot or bike to school and where families live too far away we encourage them to walk from outside of our 5 minute walking bubble.

Everyday our pupils log their journeys on our online Travel Tracker.  This calculates how many journeys and the type of journeys that are made each day.  If pupils make at least 3 active journeys per week, every week in a month then they earn a badge.  Our pupils have entered the national competition to design a new badge for the walk to school WoW scheme.

We promote active journeys, safe and sustainable travel, reduction of air pollution etc. to all of our school family, these link with our expectations for our pupils to be ‘Ready, Respectful and Responsible’.