The School Day

Our school gates open at 8.35am and our pupils are expected to be in class by 8.45am, ready to start learning.  

Gates are closed at 8.45am

Pupils are late after this time. If your child arrives at school after the gates have shut at 8.45am then an adult MUST accompany pupils into school and sign them in at the main entrance.

Members of staff supervise the children entering school. Parents are not allowed on the school site in the morning. Children may enter the school site via either gate – car park or ‘4 walls’

Gates open at 8.35am
Gates close at 8.45am

Monday To Thursday

  • Children Finish at 3.30pm
  • Gates open for parents to access the school site at 3.25pm
  • Children are not released until 3.30pm (the end of the school day)


  • Children finish at 2.30pm
  • Gates open for parents to access the school site at 2.25pm
  • Children are not released until 2.30pm (the end of the school day)

Nursery AM Sessions (15 hours)
Monday to Friday 8.35am until 11.35am

Nursery PM Sessions (15 hours)
Monday to Thursday 12.15pm until 3.30pm / Fridays 12.15pm until 2.30pm

Nursery All Day (30 hours)
Monday to Thursday 8.35am until 3.30pm
Friday 8.35am until 2.30pm

Government expectations are that all schools provide a 32.5 hour week for pupils, from September 2023.  Water Hall has implemented this from September 2022, making a small change to the start of the school day.

  • Monday – Thursday 6 hours and 45 mins
  • Friday 5 hours and 45 mins
  • Total hours per week 32 hours and 45mins