School Uniform

Children must wear school uniform in school. Uniform guidelines are as follows:

 EVERY child needs

  • A book bag that is brought into school daily- these can be bought from ASDA, but we also have a number in stock in school, no branding necessary.¬†
  • Plimsolls (or suitable shoes) to be worn indoors
  • Appropriate outdoor shoes for use at break time and lunchtime i.e. trainers (not wellies)

Daily uniform

  • White Polo Shirt
  • Royal Blue/Cobalt Blue Jumper/Cardigan
  • Black trousers, black skirt (no tube skirts) or black pinafore dress
  • Black tights or black socks.
  • Hijabs must be black and plain

Summer months only

  • Blue Gingham dresses with white socks or white tights
  • Black shorts (not sports shorts)


  • Light blue crew neck t-shirt (plain, non logo, emblems etc.)
  • Black jogging bottoms / Black leggings / Black shorts (non branded/no logo/ cycling shorts can be worn but must be an appropriate length)
  • Black Jumper (no hoodies, non branded/no logo) This is optional
  • Black socks
  • Trainers (can be their normal outdoor shoes)